2017 Publications

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Gupta A., Brockman Reizman I., Reisch C. and Prather K.
Dynamic regulation of metabolic flux in engineered bacteria using a pathway-independent quorum-sensing circuit
The optimal point was identified to redirect glycolytic flux into heterologous engineered pathways in Escherichia coli, resulting in titers of myo-inositol increased 5.5-fold and titers of glucaric acid increased from unmeasurable to >0.8 g/L, compared to the parent strains lacking dynamic flux control.
Nature Biotechnology (2017); doi:10.1038/nbt.3796
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Mühlmann M, Kunze M., Ribeiro J., Geinitz B., Lehmann C., Schwaneberg U., Commandeur U. and Büchs J.
Cellulolytic RoboLector – towards an automated high-throughput screening platform for recombinant cellulase expression
An extended robotic platform is presented to conduct automated high-throughput screenings of clone libraries including preculture synchronization and biomass specific induction. Model organisms: E. coli and K. lactis.
Journal of Biological Engineering (2017), 11:1; doi: 10.1186/s13036-016-0043-2
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Morschett, H., Schiprowski, D., Rohde, J. et al.
Comparative evaluation of phototrophic microtiter plate cultivation against laboratory-scale photobioreactors
Evaluation of the scalability of a microtiter plate-based parallelized micro-photobioreactor against a representative set of established laboratory photobioreactors. Model system: Lipid production by Chlorella vulgaris
Bioprocess Biosyst Eng (2017); doi: 10.1007/s00449-016-1731-5
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