Foil Applicator BLP/RL

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The Foil Applicator is a simple and powerful tool facilitating easy and precise application of microfluidic and robotic foils onto microtiter plates (MTP).

It ensures proper alignment of the venting holes for microfluidic experiments in the BioLector Pro, and the pre-cut sampling slits in the silicone foils for automated sampling with the RoboLector. Applying the microfluidic and robotic foils manually is a delicate matter - even a slight gap may affect the gas transfer or sampling. Using the Foil Applicator simplifies the foil handling when preparing an experiment, also for experienced users.

The Foil Applicator is made of polyamide 12 (nylon 12) which is resistant to a variety of organic solvents and heat. Thus, its autoclavation at 121 °C and sterilization with ethanol or Bacillol® AF is possible.

New silicone foils were specially developed for the Foil Applicator.

Avoid manual foil application and order the corresponding products:

  • F-RS48-10 foil for robot-facilitated automated sampling
  • F-RSMF32-1 foil for microfluidic BioLector Pro experiments (and optionally additional robot-facilitated automated sampling)