Did you ever attend at a virtual show?

This is the first time we are participating in a virtual fair. The first conferences have been postponed and personal contacts have been lost. However, the organizers are creative and establish alternatives. We are curious to see how visitors will move around in this virtual show format. Instead of personal discussions, webinars are available and we look forward to your visit.

Listen to our webinar on April 3 at 13:30 MESZ
“Automated, high-throughput fermentations for screening and bioprocess development”

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What is the advantage of using a BioLector/ BioLector Pro microbioreactor for your research?

With the microbioreactor you can enhance your bioprocess development and microbial screening efforts. Being a research scientist, you can conduct bioprocess scale-up experiments either aerobic or microaerophilic or strict anaerobic, with high efficiency and excellent data quality, at micro-scale costs.

The system utilizes a shaken microtiter plate (MTP) providing high-throughput and online-measurements of: DO, biomass, pH and fluorescence. The combination of high-throughput and high information content makes the BioLector system an invaluable tool for your microbial or microbiome bioprocess development laboratory.

The poster shows results on fed-batch applications and pH control in the BioLector Pro.

Request your copy here: public(a)m2p-labs.com