Media and induction screening

Get to know our Application Note and watch how a few experiments are necessary to screen for the best media for protein production and induction time.

Low pH (4-6) profiling in µL-scale

If you want to measure a pH value in the range of pH 4-6, then watch our video about the Application Note „Low pH (4-6) profiling in µL-scale”

Automated, high-throughput fermentations for screening and bioprocess development

Video  //  Presentation at Virtual Lab Show, April, 3, 2020

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Results on fed-batch applications and pH control in the BioLector Pro


With the microbioreactor you can enhance your bioprocess development and microbial screening efforts. Being a research scientist, you can conduct bioprocess scale-up experiments either aerobic or microaerophilic or strict anaerobic, with high efficiency and excellent data quality, at micro-scale costs.

The system utilizes a shaken microtiter plate (MTP) providing high-throughput and online-measurements of: DO, biomass, pH and fluorescence. The combination of high-throughput and high information content makes the BioLector system an invaluable tool for your microbial or microbiome bioprocess development laboratory.

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