m2p-labs expands to Eastern Europe

First BioLector sold to BioNanoPark in Poland.

BioNanoPark in Lodz, Poland has bought its first microbioreactor system for research in industrial biotechnology. The BioLector is in full operation focusing on aerobic microbial cultivations.

BioNanoPark in Lodz, Poland has bought its first microbioreactor system for research in industrial biotechnology. In June 2013, the BioLector was installed at the customer site and has been in full operation for over a year now, focusing on aerobic microbial cultivations. It is the first BioLector system in Poland, which is dedicated to the acceleration of bioprocess development and the reduction of research costs.

After installation and implementation of the microbioreactor, the customer successfully initiated the development process. “We have bought a BioLector as the first company in Poland. After few internal and commercial cultures we are pretty sure it was a good decision,” says Dr. Krzysztof Makowski, Manager of the Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory, describing his experience. “Apart from previously mentioned features, time and media savings were other key points for us and our customers when we were looking for a system for parallel fermentations. Easy to operate interface, data acquisition and presentation mode is a great advantage.”

„We are pleased that we received an order from this renown institute as the first Polish customer. With its contract work for various companies and the manifold product developments the BioLector will be proven as a sustainable system for microbial research in the industry,” emphasizes Sebastian Blum, European Sales Director at m2p-labs. Dr. Makowski adds: “From our point of view it is very useful tool for optimization of media composition, especially since the results obtained in BioLector are almost identical with results obtained in a classical bioreactor system. It is just the beginning of our adventure with BioLector and we are still looking for more fields of its application.”

The BioNanoPark is a modern, innovative Research and Implementation Center for Business. Laboratory services are available for the micro and SME sector at attractive rates in accordance with public aid conditions. It provides the opportunity to carry out research for customized products at every stage of their development. Alternatively, industry and institutes have the chance to purchase and implement new ready technologies.

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