New video of BioLector Pro system presented at SBFC

The microfluidic chip’s operation mode of the novel microbioreactor platform will be shown

m2p-labs, a leading supplier of microbioreactor systems for the life science market, today presents the new video of its next generation microbioreactor System at the Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals (SBFC) Conference in San Diego,

Booth 18.

The new BioLector® Pro system contains fundamental new hardware components that were designed to provide unique process performance of the microbioreactor. With its unique technology microbial cells can be screened and controlled on micro scale and highly parallel. A disposable 48 well microtiter plate operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. And specific microfluidic components such as micro-valves and micro-channels realize, for the first time, to run 32 parallel fully controlled fermentations while using 16 wells as reservoirs.

Real-time measurements of biomass, fluorescences, pH value and DO, and at the same time the on demand triggered regulation of the pH value and feeding rates are the key success criteria in the microbial process. Furthermore, it is proven that these BioLector® Pro microfermentations can be easily scaled up to tank bioreactors. Researchers looking to accelerate bioprocess development and to reduce research costs should come to see the innovative BioLector® Pro system in action on Booth 18.

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