News from our customer - Forschungszentrum Jülich wins first Labvolution Award

The Labvolution Award honors the best optimizations and innovations.

The working group "Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics" and the Helmholtz Innovation Lab "MiBioLab" at IBG-1 received the first Labvolution Award at the Labvolution trade fair in Hanover on May 21, 2019. The award honors ideas that improve laboratories - here with the creation of an automated and miniaturized cultivation platform by Professor Marco Oldiges' research group. This was rewarded with 1st place.

"Thanks to the great work of our employees, we were able to build up a convincing technology step by step and use it successfully for our own R&D, but also together with industry partners," says Oldiges. 

The Labvolution trade fair in Hanover is the most important trade fair on the subject of digitization and automation in the laboratory sector. A new competition was launched in connection with Labvolution.

As of the 2019 staging of Labvolution, the Labvolution Award was given in recognition of real-world solutions implemented by lab operators to optimize their work. During Labvolution (21–23 May 2019), high-caliber seminar and consultancy prizes worth a total of over €10,000 were presented to the lucky winner. 

Key criteria for a successful lab tech optimizations are:

  • Saving a significant amount of energy when keeping the samples cool.
  • Finding the ideal cleaning solution for keeping laboratory glassware clean at all times. 
  • Having perfectly suited interfaces for extracting new knowledge from large amounts of data?

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