Adjust the pH control settings in the BioLector Pro

Maintain a stable pH value during the whole process

The pH control configuration settings can be accessed and modified via the BioLection software.

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Große EU-Forschungsprojekte wie iConsensus sind eine Chance für kleine Biotech-Unternehmen. Hier werden Kontakte geknüpft und Produkte optimiert.

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Discover the advantage of microbial fed-batch cultivation processes

Perform up to 32 pH-controlled fed-batch cultivations in one experiment at the same time

The latest technical note gives an overall understanding of the use of the BioLector Pro on the example of a standard E. coli fed-batch cultivation...

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News from our customer - Forschungszentrum Jülich wins first Labvolution Award

The Labvolution Award honors the best optimizations and innovations.

The working group "Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics" and the Helmholtz Innovation Lab "MiBioLab" at IBG-1 received the first Labvolution Award at the...

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New generation of low pH optodes

For fermentations of yeast, lactobacillus, fungi & more

We are the first to offer a new generation of low pH optodes in a single packed FlowerPlate or Microfluidic Plate for the BioLector Pro!

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2018 iGEM Jamboree - Team Aachen, RWTH University won Gold medal

Project "Melasense" was nominated for "Best Hardware"

With the project "Design of a yeast-based biosensor for melatonin measurement in saliva", the iGEM team Aachen 2018 was nominated for the category of...

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