New Managing Director of the technology division

Dr. Christoph Petry took over as head of the company’s technology development.

Dr. Petry will direct the broadening of m2p-labs’ commercial product and service offer through the introduction of new microbioreactors products for...

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Just released - new video of RoboLector

Full process understanding by using the RoboLector for automated micro fermentation

With the recommended worktable layout, the RoboLector allows far more elaborate and complex experiments to be conducted in the lab than ever before.

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Technical update

BioLector generally equipped with a down-holder

The BioLector is now generally equipped with a down-holder. This standardized item pushes the MTP with a constant pressure onto the tablar. While...

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FERM-FACTORY inaugurated at RWTH Aachen University

New center for the development of applications

The FERM-FACTORY should serve as a development hub for institutes and partners focusing on biological sciences.

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iGEM team Aachen 2017 began their lab experiments

Modified cells should perform as microbial “dustbins” within water

This year, the team is researching a genetically modified yeast (S.cerevisiae) which is capable of taking up and storing salts, in this case NaCl....

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Operations commence at Hong Kong lab

Two microbioreactor systems set up in laboratory

Becky Wong, the application specialist responsible for the Asian Pacific region, commenced operations of our laboratory in the Hong Kong Science and...

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