Next generation of controlled microbioreactors launched by m2p-labs

The BioLector Pro sets a new technology standard.

With the integration of a new microfluidic chip fused to the microbioreactors, m2p-labs provides high-throughput and online monitoring as well as...

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m2p-labs receives ISO 9001 certification

Quality management system successfully implemented

m2p-labs is certified for its structured and efficient proceeding according to the quality standard ISO 9001:2008 from the ICG-GZBB GmbH for three...

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First prize in AC2 growth initative

m2p-labs with the best developmental concept in Aachen.

Out of 36 small and medium size companies m2p-labs has been selected by a jury.

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Launch of media preparation robot

m2p-labs launches RoboLector S for automated media optimization

The new automation platform has been developed for media optimization studies and offers unique benefits to scientists.

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US subsidiary established

Office opened in New York

m2p-labs, Inc., started its own direct marketing and sales operation in North America in order to be closer to its US clients.

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New standard in micro bioreactors with the FlowerPlate

The flower shaped well geometry improves mixing and gas/liquid mass transfer.

Similar to baffles in shake flasks the flower shape acts as stream breaker and increases the gas exchange area during orbital shaking.

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