SynBioBeta Activate! Edinburgh 2016

Presentations of the latest robotics and automation and celebration the opening of the Edinburgh genome foundry!

The SynBioBeta Activate! event on July 7, 2016 included the official opening of the Edinburgh genome foundry. Funded by the UK research council’s synthetic biology for growth program, the foundry is the first fully automated DNA assembly platform in the UK.

On the day, nearly 200 delegates learned about synthetic biology, and the tools and technologies that are making biology easier to engineer. Local and international companies were featured, with speakers and panelists that brought together the growing synthetic biology commercial ecosystem for networking, learning, and fun. Attendees gained an understanding of the industry, and got a glimpse of what new products and applications are on the horizon. In connection with this event Anna Kress, Scientific Officer at m2p-labs, gave a talk on the fully automated RoboLector® platform which is part of the equipment in the research lab.

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