US subsidiary established

Office opened in New York

m2p-labs, Inc., started its own direct marketing and sales operation in North America in order to be closer to its US clients.

m2p-labs is establishing a subsidiary, m2p-labs, Inc., in the US and starting its own direct marketing and sales operation in North America. Strengthened by very positive business development in 2011 with sales growth of over 70%, the former RWTH Aachen spin-off is taking its chances in the Big Apple and opening an office in New York. Thanks to its innovative screening and fermentation technology, m2p-labs GmbH has successfully developed into a leading technology supplier for the pharma, biotech and chemical industry.

Customers in the areas of biofuels and biopharma as well as researchers in synthetic biology rely on m2p-labs technology worldwide. “We are now getting a lot of enquiries from China and Brazil”, said Dr. Frank Kensy, managing director of m2p-labs GmbH with regard to the international demand.

The biotech company moved from the Fraunhofer IME Institute in Aachen to the International Technology and Service Centre (ITS) in Baesweiler due to strong growth in 2011, and is now expanding further - a subsidiary was established in the US on 25 January 2012 in order to be closer to its US clients. m2p-labs, Inc. will now be able to provide its US customers with more efficient sales and service and develop the market more effectively.

One reason for this move is the pioneering role of the US in bioeconomics. m2p-labs makes an important contribution in this field: “With the BioLector, you can collect significant standardized data on cell physiology of new synthetic strains online. So valuable process information can already be obtained at microscale with high throughput, resulting in significant savings in development time”, reported Dr. Kensy.

The company also announces the new Sales Director USA - Jane Clarke from Boston. “We are very pleased to have attracted an experienced sales person with a background in biotechnology. Ms. Clarke has an excellent knowledge of the market and has already worked with a number of biotech companies such as Amaxa, Affimetrix and Life Technologies.”

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