Round Well Plate

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The Round Well Plate is suited for shear stress sensitive or filamentous organisms.


The plates for online cultivations have a clear bottom and are available without optodes, with pH or DO optodes, or with both pH and DO optodes. The plates for offline cultivation are non-transparent.

Order number

for 48 round well MTP with selected optode / well

  • MTP-R48-BOH — with pH and DO + biomass, fluorescences
  • MTP-R48-BO — with DO + biomass, fluorescences
  • MTP-R48-BH — with pH + biomass, fluorescences
  • MTP-R48-B — without optodes + biomass, fluorescences
  • MTP-R48-OFF — for offline cultivation only, with non-transparent bottom




  • Multiparameter reading possible in 48 parallel bioreactors
  • Broad range of kLa values (25 - 170 1/h)
  • Wide volume range (800 - 2400 μL)
  • No spilling
  • No optical cross talk
  • Effective mixing
  • No foaming
  • Continuous contact of liquids to optodes
  • Scalability to production fermenters