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The BioLector Pro can advance your COVID-19 assay/vaccine development

High throughput assays at low working volume save time and money. Accelerate your COVID-19 research with our microbioreactor, the BioLector Pro 

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Media optimization for enhanced protein production using C. glutamicum  

We are presenting a media optimization of the minimal medium for Corynebacterium glutamicum (CGXII medium). The media optimization in the DoE is focused on increasing the cutinase activity in C. glutamicum. The organism is cultivated in batch and fed-batch processes in order to investigate the influence of the media components and feeding rates on the growth-related secretory protein production of cutinase. 

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m2p-labs │ Microbioreactors

m2p-labs is an internationally leading supplier of microbioreactor systems focusing on microreaction and automated solutions for screening and bioprocess development/optimization. The product portfolio comprises high-throughput BioLector microfermentation systems, microtiter FlowerPlates, and automated cultivation RoboLector platforms.

Proprietary online monitoring technology increases the number and the information content of microbial experiments, either aerobic, microaerophilic, or strictly anaerobic. Experiments can be conducted with excellent efficiency and high quality at low costs in microscale. The RoboLector enables the automated fermentation of the whole bioprocess, with its specific integration of the BioLector tool into a liquid handling system.


Bedford, MA
Matt Mattozzi

"Our BioLector is a fantastic instrument: it tells us what’s happening in many cultures in parallel, real-time, and automated.  We can try up to 48 media or genetic conditions and get a rich data set unparalleled by any other instrument.  It played an important role in optimizing production conditions for our RebM and other steviol glycoside products.  The Flower Plate is a brilliant invention.  Its baffles imitate air sparging in bioreactors, and allow us to correlate our BioLector results  ..." 
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MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
Kristala L. Jones Prather, Irene M. Brockman, Christopher R. Reisch

"The BioLector has been a useful tool both for process optimization and for E. coli strain design in our laboratory. On the bioprocess side, we have screened media formulations in order to develop media compositions limited in specific nutrients. The automatic OD monitoring in the BioLector saves labor and allows us to closely monitor growth patterns such as diauxic shifts that may be less apparent with..." 
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Université de Lille, Team ProBioGEM
Villeneuve d'Ascq
François COUTTE, Ph.D

"We work with the BioLector for 2 years and this micro-fermentation system in parallel has clearly revolutionized the way we work and define our experiments. Easy to use, results reproducibility and its friendly computer interface make the BioLector a powerful tool for the screening of bacterial and yeast strains, optimization of the medium composition and of the culture conditions. The online measurements of biomass growth, pH, dissolved oxygen and fluorescens..." 
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