RoboLector XL

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The RoboLector XL is a fully-automated microbioreactor platform with an integrated BioLector system. It is the larger size cultivation platform in the RoboLector family.

The RoboLector XL is a combination of an eight pipetting channel (six fixed and 2 disposable) liquid handling robot and either the BioLector I or BioLector Pro. This combination provides a reliable automated cultivation system combining the high-throughput fermentation and online monitoring capability of the BioLector with the very accurate and reproducible pipetting of a liquid handling robot.

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Working Principle

The RoboLector XL autonomously prepares media compositions, e. g. from design of experiments (DoE) templates. During the online-monitored high throughput fermentations inducers and feed solutions can be added as well as the pH value adjusted. Each process is triggered and monitored for each well individually, either according to a predefined schedule or by online process signals. Automated sampling into various targets, including a cooling station, facilitates optimal process monitoring and control.

The pipetting volume range of the RoboLector L is 10 - 950 μL. Volumes higher than 950 μL are pipetted in two steps. Excellent accuracy (± 5 % of the target volume) is achieved in the range from 50 - 950 μL.

A total number of 20 deck positions are available on the worktable of the RoboLector L. In addition to two disposable tip racks, further optional additional modules are magnetic stirrer, stock solution vessel racks, or tempering units.

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