Gold medal at 2019 iGEM Jamboree

Team Aachen, RWTH University won with their project "Plastractor"

The iGEM team Aachen 2019 was nominated for the category of "Best Environment Project”, and won a gold medal for completing their project.

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Sportive Challenge for Social Engagement

m2p-labs' Participation at a Local Running Event

This year, for the seventh consecutive year, a team from m2p-labs participated again at the local running event, the so called “Aachener Firmenlauf”....

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Große EU-Forschungsprojekte wie iConsensus sind eine Chance für kleine Biotech-Unternehmen. Hier werden Kontakte geknüpft und Produkte optimiert.

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Discover the advantage of microbial fed-batch cultivation processes

Perform up to 32 pH-controlled fed-batch cultivations in one experiment at the same time

The latest technical note gives an overall understanding of the use of the BioLector Pro on the example of a standard E. coli fed-batch cultivation...

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News from our customer - Forschungszentrum Jülich wins first Labvolution Award

The Labvolution Award honors the best optimizations and innovations.

The working group "Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics" and the Helmholtz Innovation Lab "MiBioLab" at IBG-1 received the first Labvolution Award at the...

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New generation of low pH optodes

For fermentations of yeast, lactobacillus, fungi & more

We are the first to offer a new generation of low pH optodes in a single packed FlowerPlate or Microfluidic Plate for the BioLector Pro!

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