For over 10 years, m2p-labs has been developing microbioreactors for microbial cultivations and holds five patents.

Historical Milestones

04.10.2021 Transition of m2p-labs GmbH in Beckman Coulter GmbH
20.11.2020 Acquisition of m2p-labs by Beckman Coulter
30.03.2020 Launch of NextGen Microfluidic Microtiter Plates
29.10.2018 First to market in low pH optode (pH4-6)
26.10.2016 Founding of the Asian office m2p-labs, Ltd. in Hong Kong
22.11.2015 Celebration of 10 years of success for BioLector microbioreactors
30.06.2014 DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 Environmental Management Certification
21.10.2013 FIDURA Private Equity Fonds becomes the new lead investor at m2p-labs GmbH
08.10.2013 Winner of Bioeconomy's Next Business Model competition
11.11.2012 DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certification
22.05.2012 First price at the "AC²-Wachstumsinitiative" competition
24.01.2012 Establishment of m2p-labs, Inc. in the United States
01.05.2011 Expansion into larger business premises at ITS Baesweiler
04.10.2010 Launch of the RoboLector
01.12.2009 Winner of the "Netzwerk Zenit e.V." innovation award
07.08.2009 One of the selected "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas” competition
11.07.2008 m2p-labs GmbH gains further shareholders: Seed-Fonds Aachen and KfW
08.10.2008 Launch of the FlowerPlate
21.11.2008 Nominated for the "AC²-Innovationspreis Region Aachen" innovation award (within the top three)
09.10.2007 Launch of the BioLector
04.07.2006 Winner of the "rheinische StartUp-Wettbewerb", within the top 10 start-up companies in Germany
03.07.2006 Seventh prize at the "hessischer Businessplanwettbewerb Science4Life"
16.10.2006 Furnishing and approval of the S1 laboratories
21.06.2006 High-Tech Gründerfonds becomes a shareholder in m2p-labs GmbH
01.05.2006 Move into the first business premises at Aachener Fraunhofer IME
22.11.2005 Company founding of m2p-labs GmbH as a spin-off of RWTH Aachen University