Clone Screening

The screening of clones often resembles a lottery. The more clones that can be screened, the better your chances are to find the desired optimization. With traditional screening methods corresponding data for positive metabolic changes may not have been collected. The reason for improvement remains unknown. The BioLector allows for the high-throughput screening of clones as well as the detection of relevant metabolic information, including biomass, pH-value, dissolved oxygen, and fluorescences, such as proteins or dyes. The level of throughput and data collection of the microbioreactor allows for rapid clone screening in fermentation-relevant conditions and insight into the reason for improvement, which enables the prompt and informed development of strains.

High-throughput screening of clones and the detection of relevant metabolic information with the BioLector.


Application Example

Screening of 96 GFP expressing H. polymorpha clones in parallel

Source: Kensy et al. (2009) Microb. Cell Fact. 8:31