Anaerobic Fermentations

The BioLector can accommodate the trends in bioprocess development. The microbioreactor can run 48 fermentations in parallel, while measuring up to six parameters at a time, including biomass, pH, dissolved oxygen, and fluorescences, such as proteins or dyes. With the use of the anaerobic cultivation chamber, the 48-well plate can be prepared in an anaerobic hood, transported to the BioLector and cultivated all while remaining completely anaerobic. The 48 well plate is sealed into the chamber for transport and a low flow of nitrogen blankets the small chamber headspace during cultivation.

The BioLector allows researchers in systems and synthetic biology to easily compare growth rates and growth phases of different clones or different media.

With the microbioreactor, whole libraries of anaerobic clones can be screened and their growth performance on different substrates can be evaluated.

Application Example

Anaerobic high-throughput fermentation

Source: Kensy et al. (Feb 15, 2011, Vol. 31, No. 4) GEN