At m2p-labs, we provide you with honest, reliable service, in order to maintain highest levels of performance and maximum quality of our systems and your applications. This includes a range of service solutions performed by our Application, Training and Technical Service team.

m2p-labs provides a reliable support around its BioLector and RoboLector technology to ensure the best performance and maintenance of the microbioreactor.

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System Services

A trial session offers you the opportunity to learn about and see the working principle behind the microbioreactor systems.

As a customers you can book an installation package for the smooth and easy set-up of the BioLector tool.

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Maintenance Packages

Customers can choose between various levels of maintenance.

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Calibration Data

Prior to beginning online monitoring with an m2p-labs MTP FlowerPlate or Round Well Plate, you will have to calibrate the system using the BioLection analysis software. Here, the calibration data sheets are listed by their lot number. 

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Frequently asked questions and answers you can find here.

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