LED / Filter

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With the LED / filter module, the microbioreactor can measure additional fluorescences. An LED unit and two optical filter glasses are installed inside the BioLector.

For the measurement of emission and excitation wavelength, the BioLector system is equipped with a special LED / filter module. The wavelengths are freely selectable between 365 nm and 800 nm.
Independent of the additional module, all of the microbioreactor's standard features remain unchanged.

Item number
E-OP-1XX/2xx for the LED / filter Module


Other Optional Modules

The combination of multiple modules is possible.

///  Gas Modules

  • O2 up regulating module for the up-regulation of oxygen up to 35 %
  • O2 down regulating module for the down regulation of oxygen down to 2 %
  • CO2 up regulating module for fermentation with CO2 controlled gas atmosphere
  • Anaerobic cultivation module for cultivation under anaerobic conditions

///  Fluorescence Module

  • no other fluorescence module is available

Up to three additional fluorescence modules can be added to the standard filters for biomass, pH, and DO. In total, six different modules fit into the system.