We like to enable our customers to pre-plan and budget equipment maintenance costs. Therefore, we offer maintenance contracts at different service levels. The basic warranties as well as the corresponding device assurances and service contracts provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced equipment down time
  • Priority service for repairs or exchanges
  • No additional repair costs
  • No additional shipment or travel expenses


Maintenance Packages

Customers can choose between the levels below:

Assurance Warranty Extension
The Assurance Warranty Extension prolongs the warranty by an additional twelve months and includes a full maintenance package.

Basic Maintenance
The Basic Maintenance Package ensures the basic operability of the device and includes a basic maintenance and quality check at the customer site. This package does not grant any warranty extension. 

Full Maintenance
The Full Maintenance Package is an all-round worry-free package. It includes a basic maintenance and quality check of the tool. Additionally, the replacement of any spare parts and any repairs are included, without extra travel expenses and shipping costs during the contract period.


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