Demo & Installation

Demo Session

Are you interested in our products and would like to gather some first experiences using our microbioreactor on your own? Or would you like to evaluate whether our products fit into your existing processes and would enhance your daily lab routine?

Then contact us and ask for a demo session. Our Sales and Application Specialist (ASP) teams are always extremly happy to organize an on-site demo session, where we will show you how the BioLector product family operates and show that it is a powerful tool for regular lab applications.

A demo session includes basic operator training with hands-on experience with the BioLector, the BioLection software and the corresponding consumables. Additionally, our application specialist will support the first microfermentation preparation and the set-up of the user’s first BioLector experiment. Finally, the demo session will end with a follow up discussion, including data analysis and the interpretation of results.


Installation Service

After the purchase of a BioLector microbioreactor, one of our Application Specialists (ASP) will install the system in the customer's lab. During the installation, the ASP will unpack the device and integrate it into the laboratory, including the set-up of any power, gas, and network connections. Afterwards, the device will undergo a complete Site Acceptance Test (SAT), in order to ensure the proper functionality of all modules. If desired, the installation service can be expanded with complete customer training, in order to familiarize the operator with the BioLector, the BioLection software, and appropriate consumables. 


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