Anaerobic Cultivation

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Strict anaerobic fermentation combined with a small, controlled nitrogen gas flow rate.

The anaerobic module for the BioLector system consists of an anaerobic chamber for 48-well plates and an external mass flow controller for nitrogen (N2). Alternatively, other individual gasses or gas mixtures can be supplied. Those must be non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive.

The MTP is filled and sealed with a foil inside an anaerobic bench. Afterwards, the anaerobic chamber is placed over the plate and sealed tightly with the screws on top of the lid. The plate-chamber combination is now protected from the outer environment and can be carried to the BioLector, maintaining the anaerobic conditions inside.

After placing the plate-chamber combination inside the BioLector, both are interconnected with the gas tubing. During fermentation, a continuous flow of N2 (or the individual gas) through the chamber is maintained. Therefore, any exposure to oxygen is prevented, providing a constant anaerobic environment.

Independent of the additional module all standard features of the microbioreactor remain unchanged.

Item number
E-AN-200 for the anaerobic module 


Other Optional Modules

The combination of multiple modules is possible.

///  Gas Modules

  • O2 up regulating module for the up-regulation of oxygen up to 35 %
  • O2 down regulating module for the down-regulation of oxygen down to 2 %
  • CO2 up regulating module for fermentation with a CO2 controlled gas atmosphere

///  Fluorescence Modules

  • LED / filter module for fluorescence measurements for wavelengths between 365 nm - 800 nm

Up to three additional fluorescence modules can be added to the standard filters for biomass, pH, and DO. In total, six different modules fit into the system.