Anaerobic Cultivation

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Strict anaerobic fermentation combined with a small, controlled nitrogen gas flow rate.

The anaerobic module for the BioLector system consists of an anaerobic chamber for 48-well plates and an external mass flow controller for nitrogen (N2). 

The MTP is filled and sealed with a foil inside an anaerobic bench. Afterwards, the anaerobic chamber is placed over the plate and sealed tightly with the screws on top of the lid. The plate-chamber combination is now protected from the outer environment and can be carried to the BioLector, maintaining the anaerobic conditions inside.

After placing the plate-chamber combination inside the BioLector, both are interconnected with the gas tubing. During fermentation, a continuous flow of N2 (or the individual gas) through the chamber is maintained. Therefore, any exposure to oxygen is prevented, providing a constant anaerobic environment.

Independent of the additional module all standard features of the microbioreactor remain unchanged.

Product number
E-AN-200 for the anaerobic module 


Up to three additional fluorescence modules can be added to the standard filters for biomass, pH, and DO. In total, six different modules fit into the system.