European patent granted to m2p-labs for microbioreactor device

Specific microtiter plate for improved bioprocess development and online monitoring

The European Patent Office has granted a patent to m2p-labs of Baesweiler, Germany, for an innovative microbioreactor device to facilitate high-throughput bioprocess optimization in the life science market.

Microbioreactor device for high-throughput bioprocess optimization

48 microbioreactors are placed on a standard microtiter plate which is about the size of a smart phone. This is key in order to optimize a multitude of cultivation conditions in parallel. m2p-labs is marketing this device under the trademark “FlowerPlate”®. The name is derived from the characteristic shape of the individual microbioreactors. The flower-like outline is ideal for gentle but effective shaking of the cultures, prime oxygen intake, and allows for the optical monitoring of parameters such as the pH-value, dissolved oxygen, biomass and fluorescence. The FlowerPlate can be combined with m2p-labs’ microfluidic technology allowing for an automated optimization of complex bio organism cultivating conditions. “Despite its miniaturized format, the FlowerPlate ideally mimics the cultivation conditions typically found in a shake flask” explained Dr. Christoph Petry, Chief Technology Officer at m2p-labs. “It allows for optimal mixing in the case of gas or liquid mass transfer. This significantly facilitates a scale-up at a later time - especially with cultures needing a large amount of oxygen,” he continued.

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