Nominations of the iGEM team Aachen 2017

The team Aachen submitted their project “Salt Vault - Rethinking Wastewater Treatment”

The iGEM team Aachen 2017 was nominated for the categories of “Best Environment Project” and "Best Hardware". The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, iGEM, welcomed 3,000 synthetic biologists from around the globe to Boston from November 9-13, 2017 for the annual iGEM Giant Jamboree.

The team completed their project “Salt Vault - Rethinking Wastewater Treatment” with the following results: 

  • Creation of VAULTer, a yeast sequestrating 39% of the sodium of a “seawater” medium
  • Development of microbial supercollectors, successfully demonstrated with sodium and potassium
  • Creation of yeast with increased halotolerance in comparison to wildtype
  • Proof of ultrafiltration to prevent Salt Vaults from spreading into the environment
  • Initiation of a societal debate on genetic engineering in Germany
  • Modeling of the novel ion pathways in mutated yeast
  • Fundamental applied design, including nutrition, separation and after-use of yeast
  • Assembly and submission of tested and functional BioBricks
  • Development of an affordable peristaltic dosing system to enable continuous measurements

m2p-labs congratulates the team and looks forward to supporting the upcoming project in 2018.

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